kelly breez

March 4 - April 15, 2017

Kelly Breez

Opening reception: Saturday, March 4, 7:30pm

Locust Projects is pleased to present FAKE NEWS, a new installation of resin-coated illustrations by Miami-based artist Kelly Breez. Using the aesthetics of serial publications like newspapers and tabloid magazines, Breez has produced a series of work responding to the influx of ‘fake news’ articles that were being circulated during the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

FAKE NEWS calls attention to the inaccuracies of news reporting in a post-Trump era using dark humor and biting criticism. Seven illustrations resembling the front page of fictional newspapers and tabloid magazines are hung in Locust Projects’ front space each containing witty headlines and caricatures of political figures that are irreverently grotesque. While the immediate nature of these works seem comically absurd and doomsday-like, Breez imbues each work with a deep sense of concern and goes as far as inserting herself in the work with a headline reading “Artist Freaking Out”. Each sensationalistic headline begins to frame fake news as a viral epidemic. The artist offers words of warning and despair, but not without the humor that is often found in her work.

By using the very modes of distribution the artist is criticizing, FAKE NEWS becomes a visual parody of American politics and partisan media.