Project Room

Jennifer Levonian,
Eva Wylie:

Opening Reception

Philadelphia-based artists Jennifer Levonian and Eva Wylie are collaborating on a new video installation utilizing Levonian's signature cut paper animation technique, which incorporates deftly rendered watercolors into short films that wryly depict prescient social narratives and Eva Wylie's unique printmaking techniques.

Levonian combines documentary and fiction as she crafts her wry and witty storylines, often relying on documentary-style interviews with protagonists so that their voices live through the characters she creates. Levonian paints the elements of each scene before cutting out particular pieces and moving them frame-by-frame during the laborious filming process. 

Wylie's unique graphic dance juxtaposes organic and synthetic imagery, to create enigmatic work with a signature iconography that intimates how humanity and its detritus merge in both familiar and unexpected encounters.


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