James Paley-Yorke

Only the time has changed, 2014
Ink and pencil on paper
15" x 18"
Courtesy of the artist and Shana Beth Mason

UK based artist James Paley-Yorke reinvigorates classical draftsmanship into a format pertinent to that of the contemporary visual vocabulary. His painstakingly executed details of bush life, taken from his native New Zealand roots, are ink drawings rendered in the spirit of the miniature; small, delicate, almost as precious as the shrinking patch of ecosystem, itself. On sheets of standardized white paper, Yorke opens a twisting, teeming window into the brushes and jungles of the Southern Pacific informed by illustration and conventional animation!

Yorke's focus is on reducing these images to such a minute scale, that the impending disappearance of these natural figures is made brutally clear. Half-conservationist in nature, half-cataloguer but fully cognizant of the limited space in which his renderings can faithfully be reproduced. Detail to the tiniest branch or fleck of soil is Yorke's variation of a reality dominated by abstract or subliminal imagery. In short, the goal of Yorke's visual reproductions are closer to that of photography: to capture a single impression of the environment which is destined for permanent and irreversible decay.!

Yorke is self- taught; his work is held in private collections in New Zealand (Auckland, Coromandel, Te Aroha and Wellington), Australia (Holloways Beach, Queensland and Sydney), the United Kingdom (London), Ireland (Dublin), Greece (Poros), Japan (Asagaya) and China (Hong Kong). Yorke continues to exhibit widely.

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