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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

Antenna is a performative and interactive installation constructed primarily to solicit auditory participation created by the collective FeCuOp. With this installation FeCuOp seeks to create a social experiment with communication as its foundation. During the run of the exhibition FeCuOp will stage a series of activations throughout the run of the exhibition inviting conversations on communication and collaboration. This is FeCuOp's first solo exhibition since 2003. 


 FeCuOp is a contemporary art collaborative established in Miami in 1997 by Jason Ferguson, born in Trinidad and Tobago and lives in South Carolina; Christian Curiel born, in Puerto Rico to Cuban parents and lives in New Haven, CT; Brandon Opalka born in Virginia and lives in Colorado. The name constitutes an amalgam of the three founding artist’s names. FeCuOp along with new Miami-based member Victor Villafañe, are like the periodic table of elements, unique characteristics of each member, brings a unique variable property to every collaboration. Each an artist in their own right, together FeCuOp fuses to create work that encourages members to become a part of one collective voice. Working with various mediums and at times nontraditional venues, FeCuOp often creates work that comments on human behavior – through this, FeCuOp seeks to reveal unconscious patterns that drive our biases and shape our choices. The results of which are documented and become a commentary on our fundamental existence.


100+ Degrees in the Shade, curated by Jane Hart, Art Basel, Miami Design District (2015); Miami Gold Rush, The Yard at Casa Lin, Miami (2008); Happiness is a Warm Gun, Definitive Juxt in association with Scion Art Foundation, Miami (2005); Heart Shaped Kissing Booth, Box Art Space, Miami (2003); Assembly of an Allegory, Rocket Projects Gallery, Art Basel, Miami (2003); Going Out On a Limb, Miami Loves Design curated by Nina Arias, Art Basel, Miami Design District (2003); The No Show, curated by Robert Chambers, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Coral Gables, FL (2002); The No Banner Show, curated by Robert Chambers, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami (2002); Box Project, performance, West Palm Beach, FL (2002); Globe>Miami<Island, curated by Robert Chambers, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach (2001); traveled to Museum of Contemporary Art, Washington DC (2001); Blotter- site specific, curated by Tiffany Huot, Miami (2001); The Sears Building, curated by Robert Chambers The House, Miami (2001). 

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