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Elizabeth Withstandley:
Candy Coated

Press Release

Locust Projects is pleased to present Candy Coated, a new body of work by Elizabeth Withstandly consisting of large photographic digital images.

Withstandly's work exploits the ridiculous condition of current society, taking common stereotypes and putting them in surreal situations. The artistuses the look of television and popular imagery for source material in many of her fabricated settings. The images are accompanied by textual elements that are designed to lead the viewer to unsettling visions or frightening conclusions depending on how the image is perceived. Making references to real crime television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Americas Most Wanted, and Real Stories of The Highway Patrol, Withstandly presents the absurd reasons that often lead to spousal violence. The work examines stereotypical male/female behaviors and can leave the viewer wondering how something so insignificant can result in such a catastrophic conclusion.

At times Withstandly's work is abrasive, but in the context of our excessivelyviolent culture perhaps it is appropriate. She also presents a related project titled Microwave Memories, which utilizes the same satyrical tone as some of her earlier work. In this piece she describes family relationships that revolve around microwavable food.

Withstandly has shown her work at Nexus Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta Georgia, Visual Studies Work Shop in Rochester New York, The Sarah Moody Gallery Of Art in Birmingham Alabama, The Pratt Manhattan Gallery of Art in NY, New York among many other group shows throughout the country.

Candy Coated will be showing at Locust Projects from October 22 through November 10th, 1999. The opening reception is on Friday October 22 at 8pm; the artist will be present. All Other times please call for appointment 576-8570.


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