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Phil Collins:
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LOCUST PROJECTS is pleased to present Phil Collins and Luis Gispert.

Globetrotting in third class and armed with a
political outlook developed as a student in Belfast,
Phil Collins is interested in the mundane realities of
volatile places like Belgrade, the West Bank, the
Basque country, and Baghdad. He pits the sweet little
nothings that make up everyday life there against the
demonizing narratives the mass media spins. Collins
will be showing a mural-size photograph and a series
of screen tests of young Iraquis that he produced
earlier this year in Baghdad. He will also shoot a
video specifically for LOCUST PROJECTS that centers on
the Florida elderly who mistakenly voted for Pat
Buchanan in the 2000 presidential elections.
Increasingly present in museum exhibitions throughout
Europe, this will be Phil Collins' first North
American one-person show.

In the project room, Luis Gispert will show 'Can it be
that it was all so simple then' 2002, in which a
towering cheerleader will look down on you and, in the
most graphic language, will tell you all the terrible
things she wants to do to your body. An angelic
menace, she will stir strange things in you.
Appropriating from the Wu-Tang's 1995 36 Chambers
album, Gispert enlists Hip Hop in a bizarre
exploration of desire, artifice, masculinity, and the
place where identity and theater meet to break bread.
A recent Yale graduate, and a participant in the 2002
Whitney Biennial and recent group shows at Gagosian
Gallery and Andrea Rosen Gallery, Gispert will have
his first show in Miami since1998 at LOCUST PROJECTS.

Special support by Lang Baumgarten and Dennis and Debra Scholl 
Locust projects is supported in part by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade-County Mayor, The Board of County Commissioners and the DADE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION


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