Main Gallery

Nate Cassie,
Karen Mahaffy,
Michele Monseau,
Chuck Ramirez,
Chris Sauter,
Ethel Shipton,
Hills Snyder:
Once There Was a Spot

Locust Projects is pleased to present "Once There Was A Spot," new work by Texas artists.

"Once There Was A Spot" is comprised of seven artists who live and work in San Antonio,TX. The exhibition focuses on artists working in a variety of mediums, but drawn together in their concerns with color and form within larger issues such as the social, sexual and humorous.

Nate Cassie's work Alaska incorporates sugar igoos and plexiglas in a Donald Judd like setting with concerns of cultural assimilation. Karen Mahaffy's work, drops, pools residue of self -as in stepping out of ones clothes at the end of the day- into obcessively handmade fabric objects. Michele Monseau's work rests somewhere between paintings and sculpture applying paint and plaster as well as pop images lifted from consumer products onto commercial lumber. Chuck Ramirez's has created digitally photographed portraits of discarded hospital bouquets which radiate luminescent color on a stark white background. Chris Sauter creates his miniature worlds within the confines of furniture your mother might have owned, a drilling rig on a dining table or a volcano on a coffee table. Ethel Shipton's works also walks a line between paintings and sculpture with her "paintings" made of colorful vinyl in a tuck and roll pattern reminecent of bars, diners or custom cars. Hills Snyder is known for subtle architectural interventions and hybrid objects sited to draw attention to fundamental characteristics of both the object and the architecture.

"Once There Was A Spot " will be showing at Locust Projects from March 17, 2001 to April 7th, 2001. The opening reception is on Saturday, March 17th at 8 PM Locust Projects is open Saturdays from 2 to 5 PM. All other times call for appointment 305-576-8570. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

sponsored in part by: ArtPace a foundation for Contemporary Art in San Antonio Texas


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