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Norberto Rodriguez,
Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova,
Tom Scicluna,
Frances Trombly:

Locust Projects offers Something, a group show by four artists: Leyden Rodriguez Casanova, Norberto Rodriguez, Tom Scicluna and Frances Trombly. Something is this: work that becomes the space, and is walked on, walked into, seen through and unseen. By presenting works that disappear, and which by disappearing cause the gallery space to become more prominent, the artists encourage the show to become a viewer-directed experience.  Something proffers a noetic engagement with the artwork.

Something is also this: a reflection on labor, class, process, value and the slapstick tragedy called infinity. The artists are concerned with making things, buying things, placing things and using things.  The fabrication of an environment in which the things are invisible allows the situation of things to be seen.

This show stands out in an art culture in which artist-made environments are both commonplace and commonly an aesthetic riot.  In Something, the artists have restored the conceptual formality of the white box space to itself through the installation of minimally invasive sculpture. The artists in Something exist as a quiet subculture, each making works which seek to camouflage themselves within our aesthetic preconceptions.

Each of the artists lives and works in Miami, FL. Leyden Rodriguez Casanova and Norberto Rodriguez were each recipients of the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, in 2003 and 2000, respectively. Norberto Rodriguez, Tom Scicluna and Frances Trombly have each exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami.  Tom Scicluna has also exhibited at the Miami Art Museum, and Leyden Rodriquez Casanova is included in an exhibition there currently on view. All of the artists have exhibited nationally, and some of them internationally. The artists also each have had significant attention from both the local and national press


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