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David Rohn:

Locust Projects is pleased to present Thought-Word-Deed, an installation by David Rohn opening on Friday December 3rd at 8 pm.

With this installation, David Rohn creates a intriguing environment including sculptural elements made from papier mache, numerous hovering drawings and textual elements covering the surrounding walls. The circular drawings are lit from behind and float in groups just above the viewer's head, almost as a quasi UFO attack. The space has been arranged into thirds and each section contains an iconic central theme. There is a twirling ballerina, an oversized doll house equipt with its own pulsating brain and a scaled down racecar driver who has little road manners.

Through these various elements Rohn explores the cognitive relationship between language and objects. Piles of old fashion school chalkboards surround the three central forms. The boards present words which are defined in a non- linear fashiondirectly on the gallery walls and are illustrated in the illuminated drawings above . The installation provides a forum for readjusting our normal sensibilities and perceptions. Through the work Rohn exposes a hidden multiplicity of meaning which associates and connects all of our thoughts words and actions.
Thought-Word-Deed, will be showing at Locust Projects from December 3 through January 6, 2000. The opening reception is on Friday December 3 at 8pm.


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