Project Room

Felice Grodin:
A Fabricated Field

Locust Projects is pleased to present A Fabricated Field, a new installation by Miami-based artist Felice Grodin. Trained as an architect, Grodin situates her artistic practice within the realm of geophilosophy—a field of thought that considers the formations between territories. For her installation, Grodin will fabricate a raised sub-floor encompassing the entirety of the project room. Gaps between the standard 4’x8’ grid of plywood sheets allow for another system to emerge. Bundles of wooden sticks rise at irregular intervals, both subverting the grid and binding it together like mycelium to create an all-encompassing installation.

The clumped formations rise like beanstalks or cypress knees through the space, creating a visual contrast between the machined plane and the organic bundles that belies an inter-territorial tension. This tension serves to bind, or speculatively fold in the outside, considering edges beyond the anthropocentric. Grodin concludes, “If we think of the necessity of survival through migration, a movement, an interface, or a trajectory speaks of the evolution of all species in the face of extinction. This requires a sideways glance to create such abstract spaces. Rather than grasping at individual straws my work attempts to assemble fields of straws as speculative landscapes.”


Felice Grodin, born in Bologna, Italy, currently lives and works in Miami Beach. She obtained her Bachelor of Architecture from Tulane University and her Master of Architecture with Distinction from Harvard University. Her explorations in alternative landscapes have been exhibited in Cartographies, Lost Horizon and nolo contendere at Diana Lowenstein Gallery. Her work has been featured at the Tampa Museum of Art, Manifest Research Gallery and Drawing Center in Cincinnati, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts in Tallahassee, the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, Dimensions Variable in Miami and Girls’ Club in Ft. Lauderdale.

Special thanks: Ackert Architecture, New York; Cianci Construction, Fort Lauderdale; Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami; E Studio Eight, Miami; LMNOQ, Miami; Pearl; Robert Soldo Design, Miami.

Felice Grodin: A Fabricated Field | Mar-Apr 2014

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