5 x 8 Miami: Roundtable on Mass Incarceration

This program is organized by Art at a Time Like This and co-presented by Bakehouse Art Complex and Locust Projects.

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Bakehouse Art Complex
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 5 x 8 Miami: Roundtable on Mass Incarceration Art at a Time Like This, the Bakehouse Art Complex and Locust Projects are co-presenting a round table addressing art, activism and mass incarceration with MacArthur Fellow Desmond Meade of Florida RRC, Vivian Azalia of Dream Defenders and artists Reginald O'Neal, Chire Regan/VantaBlack and Sherrill Roland discuss creativity, activism and the criminal justice system. Moderated by Art at a Time Like This co-founder Barbara Pollack and organized in conjunction with the ATLT project, 8x5 featuring billboards across Miami addressing the un-Justice System.

In advance of the upcoming primary elections, artists and activists come together to discuss the impact of mass incarceration on creativity and community, offering alternative solutions to this massive crisis in U.S. democracy.

How can we make a difference? The discussion will focus on steps to instigate change, either by raising visibility of this crucial issue through art/public art or by activating political engagement and civic participation, especially timely and relevant with the upcoming primary election that includes candidates for D.A. and judges.


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