Closing Program: A Fountain for a Dark Future

Virtual Roundtable with Lewis Colburn, Leah Sandlers, and Misael Soto

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Join us on Thu, Oct 28 at 7pm for a Virtual Roundtable with Lewis Colburn and Leah Sandler. The conversation will be gently guided and grounded in our local context by Miami-based artist misael soto.  

Lewis Colburn's A Fountain for a Dark Future is a larger than life recreation of Umberto Boccioni’s iconic sculpture, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913). Using it as a point of departure, this roundtable will explore Italian Futurism, imagined utopias, disruptive events, automation, authoritarianism, sea level rise, Silicon Valley, speculative fiction, Sci-Fi, and more. By using the sculptural forms of the past to interrogate the conditions of the present, we may find our way toward possible futures.  

Leah Sandler's Center For Post-Capitalist History is a fictitious museum existing through para-fictional interventions that flesh out imagined post-capitalist institutions, rituals, histories, manifestos, and landscapes. misael soto's Department of Reflection is a post-governmental agency in collaboration with the City of Miami Beach that serves as a foil (or reflection) of municipal entities while producing creative moments of exchange with residents. Lewis Colburn's A Fountain for a Dark Future is on view now in the Project Room at Locust Projects.  

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