SIRG Program: Conversation on Sound and Power: Jillian Hernandez and Fredo Rivera

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Sonic Insurgency Research Group (SIRG) joins scholars Jillian Hernandez and Fredo Rivera in a conversation about the critical issues most pressing to them with a focus on the aesthetics of excess, displacement, art, sound, power, and culture within the artworld and the “oceanic borderlands” more broadly, to use Rivera’s term. This conversation continues and extends a series of ongoing dialogues SIRG has been facilitating with artists, scholars, and activists about sound, power, and place. Read previous conversations and their introduction to this series here. After the conversation, there will be an opportunity for public comments and questions. Fredo Rivera is Assistant Professor of Art History at Grinnell College where they teach courses on modern and contemporary architecture and urban visual culture, with a focus on the Caribbean. Rivera’s current research includes art and architecture in modern Cuba, Haitian art, photography and visual culture, and the relationship between the art world and real estate development in contemporary Miami. Jillian Hernandez is Associate Professor in the Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research at the University of Florida. Hernandez's work, which focuses on the autonomous aesthetics and sexualities of Black and Latinx people, spans the fields of art history, performance, gender, ethnic, Latinx, and Black studies, community arts, and curation. Hernandez’s book, Aesthetics of Excess: The Art and Politics of Black and Latina Embodiment, examines how Black and Latinx working-class bodies, sexualities, and cultural practices are policed through gendered tropes of deviance and respectability.

Watch the full conversation here!

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