Crypto for Creatives: A New Renaissance

Join Crypto Maestra, Tam Gryn, for this 5-Week Intensive Course every Wednesday

Date & Time:


Locust Projects
3852 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127

NFT based artworks have exploded since the $69m Beeple splash at Christie’s in March 2021. This has left us all scratching our heads. What are NFTs? What is Crypto? What is The Blockchain? How is that all connected to Bitcoin?

In this class created by Director of Fine Arts at rally.io and head Curator at SHOWFIELDS, Tam Gryn, you will understand what has led us to the Digitalization Movement, what are the practical implications for art, culture, fashion, business, finance, gaming, and beyond. With a focus on the creative community, we will connect the dots between our time spent on social media, the pandemic and 2 years of zoom. We will discuss Bitcoin, Crypto Punks, glorified JPGs and all the myths you have heard within the historical context of art as it reflects our lives.

What you will gain:

  • Basic Understanding of the Blockchain and Crypto.
  • The historical context that connects our use of technology, social media, COVID-19 and The Digitalization Movement.
  • The role of Digital Communities, Social Tokens and DAOs.
  • Deepen your knowledge of NFTs and crypto art and how they are situated within the broader context of the art market and art history, including innovative use cases for NFTs.
  • Introduction to the Metaverse.
  • Imagine your own practical applications in art, fashion, music, gaming and beyond.

By the end you will be a crypto expert, mining your own NFT's and staking your claim in this democratized metaverse! 

Please note this course will have both in-person and virtual availability.

Please contact development@locustprojects.org for further information or to set up a payment plan!


Tam is the current Director of Fine Arts at Rally.io where she helps artists create their own autonomous crypto economies as well as Head Curator at SHOWFIELDS where she is helping to bridge art with retail.

She is the former Head of the Curatorial Department of the Artist Pension Trust as well as Head Curator for RAW POP UP. Tam is the co-founder of Culturadora and currently sits in the Board of Directors of the Kulturspace Foundation in Berlin. Learn more here.

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