To a God.dess Unknown by Danié Gómez Ortigoza

Performance and Activation in Mette Tommerup's exhibition Made by Dusk

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To a God.dess Unknown

by Danié Gómez Ortigoza

A live-streamed performance and activation of Mette Tommerup's exhibition, Made by Dusk, at Locust Projects

Thursday, January 28, 2021, 7-8pm 

Watch: @locustprojects Instagram Live

To a God.dess Unknown is a live-streamed performance and activation by Danié Gómez Ortigoza that explores the process by which divinity unfolds itself from the universal to the individual. The performance is an activation of Tommerup's exhibition, an otherworldly space dedicated to Freya, the Nordic Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr, the ancient shamanic practice of altering the course of fate by symbolically weaving new events into being. 

Danié is a Mexican-American multi-media artist who believes in the power of braiding with intention. Creativity has been the only constant in her career, having worked as a television host for Disney, a Copywriter and Digital Strategist at various advertising agencies in Mexico and Canada, a Marketing Director for a media publication in Sweden, and correspondent for Glamour Mexico and Latin America based in Miami, where she received a Fashion Group International Award for her work. She also created the first Mexican Delegation for the Women’s Forum for Economy and Society in France, presided by Salma Hayek. Learn more at journeyofabraid.com | @journeyofabraid

Watch the performance here!

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