Talk on Boosting Your Creativity with Dr. Theodore Ferguson

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Locust Projects
3852 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

Join Locust Projects for a discussion on boosting creativity with Dr. Theodore Ferguson. The talk is juxtaposed in FeCuOp's Antenna installation, an environment that is a reflection on communication overload. Dr. Ferguson will lead a conversation about expressing, deepening and protecting humans’ creativity through the philosophy of Leading From Above The Line.

Centering the talk is the following premise: Creativity is every person’s gift, but only a few come close to expressing their full creative spirit. Culture (some call it Life) is suffocating and Communication overload is blinding. Together, they smother the expression of the creative spirit. Only the truly free survive. ... How can we remain free?

Dr. Ferguson, (aka Jason's Dad) is an influential mentor to FeCuOp's practice. A noted author and leadership educator based in the West Indies, Dr. Ferguson is the Founder of Leading from Above the Line and a passionate advocate for a principled leadership ethos that springs from man’s own humanity and is reinforced and shared in a social space. He has worked in and travelled to over 70 countries worldwide studying humanity and leadership issues across cultures for more than 20 years.

About Dr. Ferguson 

Theodore Ferguson is an agricultural scientist by training, who lectured at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad for 17 years. Now, he is a leadership development educator and an expert guide for the expression of the creative spirit. He is a passionate advocate for a principled leadership ethos that springs from man’s own humanity and is reinforced and shared in a social space. His is a philosophy in which his thoughts coalesced and clarified themselves. This all occurred in the challenging environment of South Africa where his caged spirit had been bruised, battered and broken. It is from this reality, this journey, that his philosophy, Leading From Above The Line, took form and grew. 

He is the author of ten books on the philosophy.

In his introspective journey and over many teachings, he has learnt that one needs to become more conscious of the destructive power and influence of the “inflated ego”, which has a way of emerging and blinding us to our true intentions.

According to Dr. Ferguson, his body of work is a message that speaks to our innate human goodness and to man’s desire to live moral lives, in a world that seeks to normalize mediocracy and immorality. His message recognizes the tremendous development potential and creativity of human beings; and their capacity to realise that potential through the harnessing of the five sources of inner power: principle consciousness; awareness of purpose; emotional mastery; understanding change; and knowledge empowerment. 

Dr. Ferguson has shared this philosophy internationally. His clients have included regional and international organisations, governments, state corporations, private and public sector organisations, professionals and, most important, the youth.

He is an avid bird photographer and in 2009 has had a six-week solo photo exhibition, Hummingbirds, A Spiritual Experience, at the Georgia State Botanic Gardens in Athens, Georgia.

Together with his wife, Gloria, he owns and operates Trinidad and Tobago’s highest rated visitor attraction, Yerette - Home of the hummingbird, where his permanent Photo Gallery is on view.

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